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An End

This post is not the end to the blog some of my readers are hoping to have. This is not some sweeping review and shared introspection of the time I spent in Kenya. Nor is it be a critique or criticism of Peace Corps as an organization. I just don’t have the energy to write that, nor would such a finite number of words ever be able adequately to do those two years justice. People would read it feeling it lacking, others scathing, others too positive (ok, maybe not this last one…). I am not a professional writer; I am someone who has come to the personal realization that my opinions fluctuate too much to commit them to any finale.

However, don’t perceive this action as a cop out. Rather I act out of what I believe to be the true spirit of blogging. Blogging is a serial endeavor, requiring attention towards, patience for and commitment to, the author. Like a television series, it feeds as much upon in-the-moment truths as it does upon a shared reality built up between the writer and the reader. A complete opinion or thought is not expressed in a single blog post, it is simply in that one post that the idea may break the surface, a iceberg of deeper value lying just beneath.

As such, I am taking this last post of this blog (which shall remain active for as long as WordPress allows) to point you to my more permanent blogging home: Two Laptops. At Two Laptops, I will continue to blog about my life, as seen now through the dual lenses of a professional software consultant and a non-profit volunteer working in ICT for development, all while living in Singpaore (and wherever my future travels take me). If you have enjoyed the material in this blog, I encourage you to join me over at Two Laptops, which will keep the same trend of cultural observations, technology news and other assorted bits.

I want to thank all my readers, who were the only reason I continued to blog. It is encouraging to know that no matter how many or how few, people would consistently and regularly return (hopefully) to enjoy my latest post. Thank you again, and now come join me over at Two Laptops.


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