Laptop Care

Getting Help

If you have already joined the Peace Corps, then you are already beyond help 😉 Just kidding.  Your least expensive help is always going to be making friends with your local geek, and there are plenty here in Kenya, wazungu and Kenyan alike.  Geeks and techies usually love to help people out because we know that just as we don’t spend our time learning things like diplomacy, or public health or yoga, not everyone can learn all about the inner workings of their computer and become a power user.  “From each according to his strength, to each according to his need,” eh?  But be nice! 

Think of geeks as computer doctors.  Sometimes they will have to bear really bad news, like, “Your computer is dead, completely.” But it’s not their fault.  They are just the messengers.  Also, geeks don’t like to feel used.  Get to know them a bit, and maybe you’ll discover there’s more to them then their seemingly-ridiculous amounts of computer knowledge.  Remember, just like you, they are over here doing something for some reason.

As for hardware repairs go, your most likely bets for solutions are going to be in Nairobi.  Even Mac people can get hardware help in Nairobi, and many major companies have operations based out of there.  But also remember you cannot be rushing to Nairobi all the time, and there is usually not a Customer Service number to call to give you a hand either.  Finally, hardware repair costs in Nairobi might just be high enough to warrant simply purchasing a new computer, especially if all of your data has been backed up.

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One response to “Laptop Care

  1. Noah Briggs

    Although your remarks are targeted towards the Kenyan expats and PCVs, 90% of your commentary is applicable regardless of where you are or what you are doing. Speaking as someone who has physically replaced a shat hard drive, plus a couple of drive reformats afterwards, everything you say is dead on. I back up regularly, plug into a power strip, and unplug during thunderstorms, and do regular sweeps to weed malware and excess crap from the drive.

    I remember one time many moons back you worked as a Best Buy? or computer repair geek, and you could tell when people were lying when they said, “I never used my laptop in bed”. The lint that clogged their vent tended to sing a different tune, as I recall.

    Time to invest in a Kensington lock.

    Your Coz

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