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We’re So Small

There are days when, in order to be reassured about life, I make life very, very small. Humankind has reached a point in its brief history on this planet where it can scale its perspective into the stars and realize its own, utter insignificance as far as Nature is concerned. In Peace Corps, on days like this, when I must look upwards to assess how I am feeling inwards, I am glad of two very important things: first, that the Internet allows for an instantaneous flow of information around the world, as long as you have the technology to listen to it, and second, that people like Japanese Astronaut Soichi are brave enough to place their life in the hands of humanity and her tools to live in the harshest environment known to man: space. Better yet, Soichi takes pictures.

Space Shuttle Discovery arrived! on Twitpic Aurora, Moon, and my home away from home. on Twitpic Fly through Aurora at 28,000kmh. Happy 1,000 tweets :-) on Twitpic

Click the above photos for their full size. The above photos are from Twitpic, and have been taken during Soichi’s stay on the International Space Station. He has plenty of others at the link provided above, so make to check them out. If you Twitter, make sure you follow him at @astro_soichi, though some of his posts are in Japanese, so have fun with those.

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