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Short Entry

There was no power on Tuesday, and then again on Thursday. So on Thursday I finally called Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) and they kindly explained to me that at least on Thursdays, the Likoni area will be losing power due to scheduled maintenance on the substation (they are upgrading). I have two classes that I teach on Thursdays, and what we thought were coincidental outages are actually scheduled (but no one had bothered to call and find out). Considering I only teach each of my classes once a week, my Thursday students would be consistently not getting practical lessons, and I believe they got enough theory last term to last a lifetime. Not one for unfairness, I asked if we could switch their schedule and sure enough, the other teachers and I were able. All it took was a phone call to ascertain the truth of the missing electricity.

In other news, I started beat-boxing in front of one of my classes today. They loved it. We connected.

Sorry for the short entry, I am trying really hard to work on this newsletter so that it can go to digital circulation by next week and we are a few days behind because of my lost electricity this week.

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