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Social Networks, Raise Your Standards!

I am getting more and more cautious about my use of Facebook, not because I don’t appreciate the service it provides, but because of its more and more slippery stance regarding privacy. What was once held sacred behind the locked doors of, “friending,” is becoming more and more open. Pictures, interests, work and education history, all of them are becoming forcibly unlocked slowly by slowly. For me, it’s not even that the Facebook company promotes openness with one’s information or operates on the philosophy that if you have nothing to hide, why not share? Instead, what angers me more is that there is no option to lock yourself down. Give people the opportunity to be forthwith, but also give people the opportunity to be private.

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Lastly, a Photo Update

Sorry for the mad rush of entries today, but I like keeping them separate based on content.  I just thought I would point everyone over to my Photo Blog link at the right.  I know I haven’t really updated the Flickr page since, oh, April or May so I dumped about 20 new photos up there.  A lot of the photos are of people I have worked with since that time.  Still none of my lab, though I believe that’s a mission of mine for the week.  I hope you enjoy them.  There’s also now photographic proof that I can cook when given the proper motivation (such as Jeff saying, “Jon, let’s cook,”).

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Photo Blog —->

So I finally gave up and created a Flickr account. It seems to be the best compromise between storage, upload-ability and blog integration. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress offers plenty of storage and whatnot, but it was just so darn slow on my connection. I have oftentimes, *cough*thismorning*cough* spent hours, yes hours, trying to upload photos to either WordPress or Facebook, only for my connection to die. I get charged for all the megs, but nothing gets upload. Uneconomical. Flickr lets me do batch uploading and has a decent mechanism in place for interrupted connections. So I use Flickr. So to recap, if there are going to be new photos, they will be there. Enjoy.

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