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I Miss… #5

Wow it has been quite a while since my last installment in the, “I Miss,” series, but a recent discussion with a friend, combined with just a little time to write today, prompted this. However, when I have more time to write, you can look forward to the next installment in my Open Data Formats series, my Linux Series, and of course the long-awaited Ars Politico Africanae, Part 2. You might even get a brief history of the Internet so that we can all be caught up in the recent political wheelings and dealings surrounding ICANN, IANA and the internationalization of the control over the Internet. The future looks bright for my blog readers! Aren’t you all excited? Oh and for those not interested in computers, I have some entries ahead in what may become a new series, “Kenyan Conversationalism,” plus whatever else pops into mind. Stay tuned. And now back to our regularly-featured presentation.

I Miss

I miss summers hanging out around the pool at night with my friends. A lot. Now first off, let me preface this with telling all you that I have grown up with the best parents ever. They have been such good parents my entire life and have been amazing providers for their zany children (and we are a zany bunch, no?). In fact, I think we got in so many fights because sub-consciously I knew I would never be as nearly good a parent to my own children as my own are to me. I fear the day one of my children finally breaks down and asks, “Dad, why aren’t you nearly as cool and grandma and grandpa?” How this all come into play?

Well, every summer, our house became the central hang out for my friends (and my siblings’ friends as well). One of the highlights that made it all worthwhile was the pool. It was lit up beautifully at night, tiki torches all around, including an accompanying hot tub. It was perfect size for us all and for hosting some really fun nights. Earlier this week, my friends and I were talking and somehow the Mike’s brand of malted alcoholic beverages was brought up, and my instant recall was that of nights at the pool with my friends. High school (no Mike’s involved then) and college (Mike’s became involved after we had all reached legal age) summers are special times in life growing up; times to be treasured, where you have all the freedoms youth affords you, combined with still crashing at your parents’ place so you don’t need to pony up nearly as much money to have fun. Why anybody would actively seek out a lifestyle other than a youthful lifestyle I do not know. Maybe more money?

Yeah, I miss that. I just hope one day I will be able to provide and enable for my own children to have such an amazing youth as I did. Thanks mom and dad. Miss you and love you!

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