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Tips For Contentment in Peace Corps Kenya

“Insanity is the only sane reaction to an insane society.” -Thomas Szas

One of the most ruinous equations I have ever experienced in my life is that of: Coffee + Early Morning + Stimulating Conversation = Need to Write. Well, the planets aligned this morning, and if I don’t get the writing out of my system, it will only result in a complete shutdown later in the day. Those players of Magic the Gathering will understand the analogy that this feeling is akin to mana burn. For those less geeky in life, it is basically the simple fact that at least in my life, the buildup of mental faculties combined with the inability to completely use those faculties is sometimes more devastating then not building them up at all. I started and stopped and article three times, because I had thought about its body on the way over here, but never could get a proper introduction. So I have fallen back to my originally planned article for today.

I’ve noticed I have not had a list recently, so below I present my list of no particular length of steps one can take to be content in Peace Corps Kenya. Some of these may apply to Peace Corps as a whole, but they are mostly based on my personal experiences, and those are very Coastal Kenya-oriented. Feel free to abstract at will though 🙂 Continue reading



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