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The Backpack Hug

Peace Corps volunteers are always traveling around. If you plan on being a Peace Corps volunteer, make sure you buy a sturdy, drawstring daypack, and a good rucksack for when you are traveling around. The last thing you want to be hauling on and off public transport here is a giant rolling piece of luggage or duffel.

Traveling is also the most common way Peace Corps volunteers see each other. Very rarely are many volunteers close by enough to each other that they wouldn’t be backpack-ladened. Running into each other in the city, we all have our daypacks. Inlanders coming to the coast, they all have their giant rucksacks. Meeting up in Nairobi, a combination of the two.

Combine these burdens with Peace Corps volunteers being an affectionate bunch with one another and we have a problem. Have you ever tried to hug someone who is backpack-ladened. It’s awkward to try and reach all the way around the pack, usually only accomplished by the long-armed and lanky, while usually resulting in bodies pressed a tad to close together, even for Peace Corps comfort level, so the obvious method is not acceptable. Continue reading


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