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Where I Was and What I Was Doing

I know, I know, not a lot of updates this week. Sorry, but it’s been busy and so I thought I would provide you with a nice recap of everything that I did this week, because there are a couple good stories in there.

First things first, I was in Nairobi from Sunday to Wednesday for a Peace Corps assignment. It all started a few months ago when I was asked by PC/Kenya office staff (i.e. my bosses) to write up an assessment of one of the tools Volunteers have access to in the field: an implementation of Microsoft Sharepoint knowledge sharing tool used for sharing documents within the Peace Corps Kenya community of volunteers and staff. For many reasons that I will not get into here this implementation just does not suit our volunteer needs and the staff wanted to know why. Turns out we aren’t the only post suffering from this fate and apparently my comments got forwarded onto Washington and Peace Corps Kenya called me and the other ICT volunteers in to talk with Washington about why this program is not fulfilling our needs.

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