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“We Want A Website!”

I hear it asked a lot, in a few different ways. We have the direct, “We want a website.” Or there is the more casual, “We are interested in a website.” And of course, the more inquisitive, “So, what would it take for us to possibly, maybe, in some way, request a bit of your time, to maybe, sorta, possibly build a website?”

Sometimes the requests come from organizations themselves, or sometimes through various volunteers working with organizations. Most of the time however, they come with a level of ignorance about what a website even is. The same kind of ignorance that many Americans have about what a website really is, but here, there are fewer people able to clear it up, fewer people advertising their services in ways that local NGOs or Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) might be aware of, or, most contributively, fewer people doing it for free.

So I pimp myself out as a web developer, or apparently more appropriately a web consultant.

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