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Linux: Not Ready for the Big Time

This entry is the first in a series covering GNU/Linux, an Operating System consisting of the Linux Kernel and applications from the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community, with an emphasis on its connections to the developing world.  These articles assume at least a moderate understanding of the Linux and FOSS communities.  For more information regarding these, I would direct interested parties to Linux.org as well as the Free Software Foundation and finally, for the truly interested, the GNU Manifesto. With all of this knowledge now in hand, I hope you enjoy the series.Tux

Many an article has been written regarding how, “Linux,” is not ready for the big time.  It seems every year, and with every new iteration of a major distribution such as Debian, Ubuntu, or Fedora, yet another computer pundit decides to come out and emphasize why Linux is not ready to even attempt at replacing Windows as the dominant Operating System for home computer use.  I am going to continue in this trend, and I won’t even try to sell my reasons as different, or more profound from these other articles.  Instead, I am hoping the article is simply able to stand under its own weight as well as provide groundwork for future articles in this series. Continue reading



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