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I think that if I could live in one place in Kenya, it would be Nanyuki. I love it here, and don’t tell Peace Corps, but I may secretly ship Gavin off to Europe and take over his life. I don’t think Gavin would mind. And mind you, I am writing this entry while it is pouring outside and is relatively chilly, which are usually not good days to judge that you like a place.

I didn’t first love Nanyuki when I visited here back in August for a perma-culture workshop. Driving up here, the land was gray and barren, and, well, not very inviting. Nanyuki town was nice, but I was too obsessed with surrounding barrens and the annoying hawkers at the, “You Are At The Equator,” sign and the not-so-relevant workshop to really appreciate the town for what it is.

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