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One Weird Dream

I had a weird dream where I was secretly part of the North Korea/South Korea/America Peace Alliance Military, basically a sham agreement to maintain the illusion of collaboration and peace between the nations, but I was undercover in North Korea and they couldn’t find out.

I never knew what my mission was, except that I had a rucksack. When I got in country I got another rucksack that had the logo of the military, which would immediately blow my cover if somebody saw. Now I had two rucksacks. This was a big deal in the dream.

When leaving the country through border patrol, the North Koreans had to scan my hard drives and computers, which contained secret data and were running KDE netbook edition. However, the North Koreas never got my information because they were too stupid to read the EXT4 filesystem.

Of course, the "North Korean," who told me I was cleared to leave was actually a small Irish-American who looked an awful lot like Mr. Lynch, my high school Latin teacher.

I got off the hallucinatory anti-malaria drugs a year agao, what the heck?!


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