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Naturally-Induced Change

This may be a short blog post for today as I start to wrap up everything here on the coast before heading out on December 1st for the beginnings of my zany three part adventure. Part one is traveling around Kenya doing Peace Corps-related work, part two is a Eurotrip with Chris (more on that later) and part three is a Kenya trip with Chris (again, later). I am sure once I am organized and being bored at various points in my travels you will get updates. I will also try to front-log some work so as to keep a regular daily-posting, but I warn you all now, I may not be able to. However, I do want you all to certainly keep checking back in, as I do intend to continue blogging during my travels as situation permits.

An earlier entry jokingly regarded the change of seasons in Mombasa not as a great climatic shift as one might consider it in New England, but instead as a transition between periods of fruit and not fruit. Though this is true, the real situation has even more drastic consequences. The climatic seasonal shift in Mombasa and most everywhere in Kenya, and dare I say, Africa, is negligible from a Western perspective. The result is that it only takes one mindset, one way of doing things, to get through life. There is no naturally-induced need to change one’s behavior on a regular basis in order to survive. Continue reading


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