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“The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen!”: New Media Looks A Lot Like Old Media

Ok, I am going to preference this article with a couple facts. Fact one: I am not an economist. Fact two: I am not a professional publisher. Fact three: I am not an Old Media generator. Fact four: I am not a marketing guy. Fact five: I am not a legal expert. With this out of the way, I just wanted to write an article on some notions I have been having about this whole New Media vs. Old Media battle we have been waging, with a particular look at content distribution, pricing models and some inconsistencies in arguments I have been hearing regarding both. I don’t think anything I will write here is particularly new to the scene (though it may be new to my readers), but hey, I am a blogger, and we blog even after the metaphorical horse has been long dead (and yes, this is a big stick in my hand).

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