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Necessary Skills For Peace Corps ICT Volunteers

At the request of a reader, here is an entry regarding what I think the, “ideal,” (reading: not me) Peace Corps ICT volunteer should bring in terms of skills. Like all Peace Corps volunteer skill-sets, this isn’t very specific so I am going to be annoyingly general and slightly subjective as I have my own opinions regarding ICT and development that I wish to see people implementing. Also, these are based only on my knowledge as an ICT volunteer working specifically in Kenya and each Peace Corps country is run independent of one another so different countries may call for completely different skills.

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More Help Desk Support

I can never seem to escape the duties of the Help Desk, even in Kenya.  If you look up at the top menu, you will now notice a link to the IT Help Desk.  That is a new section of the blog that will be devoted to pages and articles pertaining to IT Help Desk-type issues here in Kenya.  I have moved the, “Laptop Care,” page there as well as the new, “Low Bandwidth Surfing Tips,” page.  The second page is not finished yet, and you can expect the whole IT Help Desk section to grow over time into what I hope will be a useful collection of tips for anyone bringing tech abroad into the developing world.  Asante!

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