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Jon 1, rat 0

I caught my rat over the weekend. I had been out all day and he must have been adventurous and hungry, a great formula for catching him in my peanut butter trap. Needless to say without him scampering about i sleep much better. Now onto my new battle of jon vs. Dysentry. Ill spare the details and just tell you when i have won. How does that sound?

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Of Mice and Men… and Butterflies… and Bicycles… and Electricity

Hellooooooooo Alll

I am back!  Did you all miss me?  Where did I go?  Well, it wasn’t really me who went away, it was my computer.  I have been doing some upgrades here and there and wanted to get everything up and running and whatnot, and of course the Internet gave me problems, but it seems to be working now, knock on wood.  So some life updates!

These have to be the biggest rats ever.  I am talking monkey sized rats living in my eaves.  I have only seen one, but I hear more.  And it sounds like a construction site.  I don’t know whats going on.  I have two peanut butter laden traps ready to kill the buggers.  No one’s taken the bait as of yet.  These are vicious traps to.  These aren’t your Audobaun Society Friend Hav-A-Hearts!  These are the cartoon bear traps of the rat trap world, metal teeth included.

Have I ever told you all that Mombasa is blessed with heaps of butterflies!  That is correct!  Everywhere I look, all the time, butterflies.  Dark ones, bright ones, spotted ones, striped ones (read that line aloud, it’s almost poetic…).  They love the mangoes like the monkeys and flutter around everywhere.  It’s nice to have so many around all the time.

It’s fixed.  I picked up a nice, stainless steal Allan key wrench and was able to realign the spring on my brake.  I do need to tighten the brakes a bit, but otherwise it is working fine, finally.  No more jumping.  I promise.

Do to some administrative snafus, I am currently without electricity.  Meh.  Not a big loss.  Just means no music over the speakers.  I like using my oil lamp.  And I have my flash lights as well, though I prefer the light cast by the lamp.  My stove is gas powered, so I can still cook… my ramen… fine.  Admin says the power should be on “soon.”  I tell them no worries. 

That’s about it.  Teaching goes on, slowly by slowly.  The network and keeping it running and maximizing what the students can get out of the resources we have continues as well.  We shall see how it all goes!

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A New Battle Every Day

My life is not difficult.  Don’t think it is.  And I am actually quite happy here.  But I like to be dramatic so go with it! 🙂

As if fighting malaria and lack of self motivation weren’t enough.  As if fending off malice-intent monkeys who want to steal didn’t occupy enough of my time.  As if heroically defending my infant neighbour from vicious snakes and spiders weren’t epic enough of a story, I have a new battle to fight.  More as it develops on the tale of Jon vs. The Rat.  Hopefully it will end this weekend with his greedy paws covered in peanut butter and neck snapped by the force of a thousand painful days as manifested by a spring-loaded metal bar.  It’s almost like watching Titanic, except this time the ship might not sink!

Or I could just pull an Adrian and kill it with a spear fashioned from my Leatherman and broom handle…


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