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Blog Maintenance

Hey Folks, so I have been doing some Blog Maintenance over here at “Once Computer at a Time.” Some new things you might notice include a new link at the top of each page entitled, “Sending a parcel?” I’ll give you a couple guesses as to why you might click that link ;-). Also, added a link to subscribe to my RSS feed. Apparently, WordPress has always had the feed, but do not default to supplying it (though some of their other defaults are far less helpful and far more annoying than that would have been).

So that’s it for now. Sorry for the lack of real updates at the moment. I need to head into the city to get my mobile phone fixed because it’s been fritzing, and, well, Peace Corps strongly suggests you have a working mobile phone at all times. Don’t want to make Peace Corps angry now do I? 😛 Kwa heri kwa sasa!


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