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Just Add Music, and Other Minor Musings

I was sitting on the bus coming home to Mombasa from Nairobi this past Sunday and took out my iPod to listen to some music (which I only do on certain bus lines) and as I started looking out the window I noticed how well the peoples’ actions were syncing to the beat of the song I was listening to. Without laughing at me, I think the song was one by Switchfoot, which usually maintains a pretty upbeat rhythm. Three scenes in particular caught my attention: a small child playing in a wetlands puddle (we’ve had significant rain recently), a pair of women walking with wooden chairs carried on their heads, and finally a man getting down from the back of the large truck he was working on. These three actions just synced perfectly and as I watched the scenes, this musical accompaniment (not the lyrics just the sound) added a whole new dimension. Life outside the window became significantly more alive and vibrant. The rhythm of life as it were.

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