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Off on an adventure… or two… or three…

Ok Folks, this may be the last update you get from me for a while?  Oh, who am I kidding, I always find a way, but just to cover my bases, i’ll pretend like this is it for about a month!  “A MONTH!!!” you shout at your computer screen.  I know you will all survive without me for a month, though I also know it will be difficult, but just think, if I am gone for a month, I will most certainly have heaps of fun stories to share.  So just hang on, and maybe this little sneak peak of my adventures to come will let tantalize!

Next week I will be in the lovely, cooler climate, Nyeri Town.  Myself and two volunteers from Costa Rica will be working under the World Computer Exchange (http://worldcomputerexchange.org) banner in secondary schools in Nyeri town, from what I can guess, doing general computer maitenance, internet, fun stuff like that.  I believe we will be accompanied by Kenyans from the Kenyan School for Professional Studies.  It should be  a lot of fun, and I really liked Nyeri when I was there this past March, so it will be nice to get back.  Of course, don’t go thinking Peace Corps just lets us all go willy-nilly where we want.  Getting this clearance was a give and take.  I tried to take some time off from the end of the semester (all my students stop coming anyways in preparation for finals), and I was given an assignment.  I need to compile a report on my experiences teaching computers to various levels of Kenyans, to be used as a resource by other volunteers.  Fun.  Worth it.

After Nyeri, it’s off to the wonderful city of Nairobi again for a few days of report writing (no laptop yet) and medical.  I have a dentist appointment and just some general check up stuff they like to do while you are in Nairobi.  Whatever.  Anytime you are called in by medical, Peace Corps foots the daily expenses and accomodation for the night, so that’s always nice!  Medical is not really an adventure, but pretty much any time spent in Nairobi is always an adventure, so it gets the classification anyways.

After NRB, hopefully it is off to Yatta.  A fellow PCV, David, works at the National Youth Service there as a computer instructor.  He is basically me, but in Yatta and not on the Coast, though he is also considered much more amicable than myself, has far more patience for the average individual, and is just a generally nicer guy I would say.  But I have more computers.  And we all know what is more important right?  So David and I will be doing any general tech work that usually requires two minds instead of the one, and of course comparing notes from the semester and seeing how we can help one another improve.

Then I am hoping to head back to Nairobi for an evening to see the swearing-in ceremony of the new volunteers.  Hopefully.  I don’t know if peace corps is letting me.  I guess we shall wait and see!

After swearing in, it’s off to a the town of Nanyuki (even cooler than Nyeri I believe!)  The first few nights will be spent visiting PCV Gavin, another friend in my training group whom I have not seen since april, which is just wholly unacceptable in all things concerning Gavin.  Then, it’s off to the Peace Corps Permaculture workshop hosted in Nanyuki (and more nights on Peace Corps dime!!!).  I am not 100% sure what I will learn at this workshop, but I think some topics include soap making, gardening, and other forms of sustainable, earthy, living.  It will be interesting times spent with the few volunteers who are able to make it.  Cannot wait!

Finally, after Nanyuki, it’s back to the coast.  BUT, not home yet.  The coast is a big place, and Peace Corps loves its workshops.  I will be attending the Cross-culture workshop, where any volunteers currently serving for over 3 months are invited, with their Kenyan counterparts from their projects (I don’t have one…), and we basically sit around and bash heads and figure out how we can help one another.  For example, someone might as me, being an ICT volunteer, how to use mobile phones to distribute public health notices most effectively (mmmm, sms aggregation… it’s a current hot topic).  This goes on for like a week.

Then I might come home.  If you can find me!

Until then, stay tuned for little snippets that I might be able to get online!



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