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Whistle While You Work

I am a whistler. Anyone who has been around me for more than say, five minutes, knows that I am a whistler (much to their annoyance or amusement or both I am not sure). I like to whistle in my free time, when I am alone, when I have friends around, when I am walking to work, when I am programming. Heck, I just like to whistle.

That is why it has been my great pleasure to discover that students at NYS love to whistle as well. I hear them whistling when walking, I hear them whistling when working. Some of them will even whistle in class if I start to do so. At some points, I have been whistling and from across the field a student will pick up on it and continue whistling in tune with my own whistling! It’s amazing!

My life is one big, happy, whistle-fest!

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