Of Fridays and Furbies, Ferries and Fools

This is just a hodgepodge post, but it includes pictures, so I hope you enjoy. The first thing I want to do is inform all my readers that my previous post regarding a Peace Corps withdrawal from Kenya was an April Fools joke. If I must say so myself, it was my most successful joke of all times. The post has been edited so that all readers who make it to the bottom will know for sure that it is a spoof article. I was truly hoping that such items as the, “Friend-o-meter,” and the CDs quote stating development was failed in Kenya, and that I was the only person being ad sepped, would clue people in. For most it did, for those who were fooled, thank you for making my day fun, and for those who didn’t read the entire article but responded to me as if you had, thank you for showing yet again the downside of this mass media, 30 second sound byte information culture we live in.

Many have asked, do they celebrate April Fools here. The answer is a vehement, “yes!” In fact, I would say more Kenyans on average seem aware of the day than most Americans. The jokes they play are similar, concocting stories of visiting but never showing, the need to urgently come somewhere under false pretenses and so on. One of the logistics officers here told me he refused to eat his lunch, though he did not tell his wife the reason, so I feel like that just comes off as mean, but to each their own. So yes, they do celebrate here and I was just embracing the culture.

In other news, I purchased a Furby for my neighbor’s baby. I purchased the Furby at the second-hand mart (where I buy my inexpensive books and baseball mitts and the like) for the equivalent of $2 or roughly a quarter of a day’s salary breakdown. In othe rwords, for a toy that used to cost $30, not too shabby. I popped in some new batteries because I have a stash now thanks to the Carrolls, and the Furby was up and chatting.

I am hoping it will entertain Mutugi (the baby) when his mom, Frida, is doing her chores. Since I am not teaching for the month, I am blessed to hear his crying throughout the day now, and not just in mornings and evenings. Really, I just bought the Furby for selfish reasons, but it was well received by everyone over there and Frida hasn’t stopped laughing at it since. Here’s a blurry photo of Mutugi:

Baby Mutugi being carried by Mama Frida


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